Barez Rubber Company

The project of implementing ERP systems or enterprise resource planning includes a wide range of different activities to improve the performance of the organization and manage all the data and processes of the organization in a software system and in the form of an integrated, regular and accurate database.

Subsystems implemented in Barez Company include the following subsystems:

  • In the field of finance: financial accounting, cost accounting, receipts and payments, liquidity management, liquidity planning, asset management, stock management
  • In the field of logistics: sales and distribution (domestic and foreign), sales planning, after-sales service, material management, material planning, logistics, warehouse and inventory management
  • In the field of human resources: personnel management and their records, organizational chart management, payroll, reward and productivity management, attendance management, recruitment and recruitment process
  • In the field of production: production planning management, production process management, product BOM, MRP and maintenance
  • In the field of quality control: quality management, document management, engineering change management Project management

Implementation of barcode system in the production line, to track and identify the product from the beginning to the end of production Important achievements of ERP project implementation in Barez Industrial Group:

  1. Integration between three geographical locations in Tehran (headquarters) and Kerman (factory) and Kurdistan (factory) Instantaneous cost calculation
  2. Creating and implementing a complete supply chain system in the company
  3. Creating a uniform and comprehensive system throughout the company
  4. Creating and launching an online production system that did not exist before
  5. Creating a system in accordance with international standards
  6. Ability to develop the system in the future based on future needs

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